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Hobos and Tramps.

Train yards and on ramps.

12/28/08 03:23 pm - olympiadacockus

Hi all!
I got a slight dillema. My ex boyfriend who is a total asshole just asked me to go out west with him out of no where. I recently inherited a car from my aunt. The car is not in great shape. He would like me to drive from Pittsburgh to an hour east of Memphis to pick him up. From here we would be heading towards Arizona to the Grand Canyon for a five day hiking trip and then on to California. The trouble is that I would be degrading myself by putting myself in his company and also im pretty sure my car will explode. So. If anyone out there is heading west from the east side, preferably  Pennsylvania or the immediatly surrounding states hit me up. I wanna go just not with him. I will travel by feet car train whatever. Also, If youre on the west side and know of any places to stay that info would also be greatly appreciated


10/8/08 08:26 am - jesuisgringoire

I'm in college.  I've dropped out three times and still have a full scholarship.  I'm thinking about a forth.  I'm a gay, vegetarian, anarcho-pacifist.  neo-pagan, too.  I could put myself into more boxes if you'd like.

I'd like to go off the grid.  I don't want to pay taxes.  I don't want to shop at wal mart.  I've had enough of bombs and sweatshops and industrial agriculture.  there are so many days where I feel like if I were to really listen to my conscience that I'd just get up and leave, hitchhike somewhere, stop using money.  I don't know how to do much.  I write a mean research paper, which is not exactly the sort of skill I need for this.  does anybody know of someone or somewhere I could go to?  I'd love to be a gypsy for a while - or settle down with some cool people and learn permaculture and some skilled trade things like carpentry or something.  renaissance fair nerds are cool too - I'm all about learning how to make my own clothes, instruments, and stuff like that.  I know I can't be the only one out there who feels this way.  the only reason I'm not already out on the road is because I'm afraid of doing it alone, and not knowing where to go.

what's up, folks?  anybody hear me?  anybody already doing this?

9/18/08 04:56 pm - ministerfister - Retired traveller contemplating coming back out of retirement.

Hey, if anyone in the midwest is "planning" a trip, hit me up.  I'm definitely down for getting out of cum-blow-us ohio.

Been everywhere...tried to settle down, but it sucks huge monkey wang.

I'll walk, drive, ride, hop, whatever.



7/14/08 03:26 pm - hungryfuk

Anyone from FL going to NY? I wanna get up there to meet up with some kids to go to Cali with 'em, lemme know if you're down!

1/9/08 08:40 pm - roachlegg - yosemite to nashville????

i am traveling to nashville from yosemite on january 28th or 29th. i have a spot open for a passenger to travel with me. anyone in the area, such as fresno, bakersfield, flagstaff, alburquerque or any city on hwy. 40 is encourged to contact me if a ride is needed. it's a long road trip and having a passenger would make the time pass faster. i have a small truck and i'm moving from california to join my husband in nashville. i am easy going and my music tastes are crust and noise. please contact me if this works for you or anyone you know.
-this is posted by roachlegg for her roommate hopeless.

1/2/08 09:16 pm - gutterpeach - Leaving Bama..again

Yeah so I came back to Alabama for the holidays and I definately need to get the fuck out of here. Everyone I know is either already in NOLA (or some other state but mostly NOLA) or rehab. So if anyone down south wants to travel out west hit me up.

11/29/07 10:47 am - retard_riot

come hang out with me in pensacola after the 20th. i got lotsa candy, especially for little boys with pretty mouths.

10/15/07 01:04 am - 3libras - Vegas or bust!

I live in Orlando and am trying to get to Vegas by the 26th. I have no money, however. Does anyone know of any ways I can get there, short of begging people for money for a bus ticket or hitchhiking or some other way that's very likely to get me killed? I'm reading up on hopping trains, but I've never done it before and don't know if it would really be a good idea, especially since I'm currently planning on going alone.

Any suggestions? And anyone wanna come with? I'm trying to make it to Vegoose, and I'm rather determined to make it one way or another.

7/13/07 04:41 pm - v3g4n - Trains across Canada?

[This is a post from my roommate, she doesn't have an lj account. I'll send any responses her way.]

Hey, My name is Emily Rose,
I'm heading to an Old time festival in West Virginia,
and I'm looking for someone who wants to ride trains with me across Canada.
From Vancouver to Montreal....
I hear it's one of the most beautiful train trips in the world!
Anyone up for an adventure?

7/13/07 06:08 pm - fallinginstyle

Anyone wanna get the hell out of New York?
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