olympiadacockus (olympiadacockus) wrote in needaroaddog,

Hi all!
I got a slight dillema. My ex boyfriend who is a total asshole just asked me to go out west with him out of no where. I recently inherited a car from my aunt. The car is not in great shape. He would like me to drive from Pittsburgh to an hour east of Memphis to pick him up. From here we would be heading towards Arizona to the Grand Canyon for a five day hiking trip and then on to California. The trouble is that I would be degrading myself by putting myself in his company and also im pretty sure my car will explode. So. If anyone out there is heading west from the east side, preferably  Pennsylvania or the immediatly surrounding states hit me up. I wanna go just not with him. I will travel by feet car train whatever. Also, If youre on the west side and know of any places to stay that info would also be greatly appreciated

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